Pahl Livestock Ranch History

Pahl Livestock was established in 1965 by LeRay Pahl and his father Gilf.  The home ranch was purchased in 1970 and is located west of Medicine Hat in southern Alberta Canada.  300 registered Angus and Hereford cows as well as 350+ commercial cows make up the 650-700 females bred annually.  Through the 70’s and 80’s, the focus of the ranch was farming and a 200 head commercial cow-calf operation.  As LeRay’s sons got older and became more involved in the ranch, the cow numbers began increasing while farm land was slowly seeded back to tame grass.

Our introduction to the purebred business began in 1980 with the purchase of 24 cows and a bull from a Washington, USA herd dispersal. The first years were quite a learning experience, but as we slowly learned the “Purebred Business” our cattle numbers increased as did our success.  We now breed over 100 Hereford cows each year and are selling 35 to 40 bulls annually.  We are always striving to improve our herd and have purchased bulls and females from many of the top breeders in western Canada and the northern U.S.A. 

The Angus division began in the fall of 1993 at the Wicklow Angus dispersal sale.  In the last 20 years the numbers have increased to 200 angus females with the addition of quality home raised replacement females, as well as purchasing top cows and heifers at sales throughout western Canada.  Our Angus sires have come from the top breeders in western Canada with AI and embryo transplant being a huge part of our growth and success as we strive to attain the best Angus genetics possible.

In 1999, along with two sale partners we began the “Three Amigos” Production Sale.  The sale began with 50 bulls and a handful of females and was held at a local auction market in Medicine Hat.  In 2002 we decided a change in venue was needed and so a heated sale barn was built on the ranch and the sale was held on the home place for the first time.  In 2007, we had a change in sale partners.  Our sale became "The Amigos" Production Sale consisting of one other sale partner, XTC Herefords, and ourselves.   We offer 70-80 Angus bulls and 30-40 Hereford bulls as well as 40 + females annually at our sale.

Our program revolves around functional, easy doing, low maintenance ideals.  With over 80% of our customers being repeat buyers, we feel we are on the right track. Service is the cornerstone to our program – we consistently go the “extra-mile” to ensure our customers are always happy.

We feel the British cattle, with their ability to take less maintenance for more return, will lead the cattle industry in the future.

The Way It Was 1962. The Pahl Ranch 1999. Pahl Livestock ranch sign. Pahl covered wagon welcomes visitors in the main yard.