Commercial Cow Herd

I'm not going to take credit for the idea of breeding genetically similar cattle although I would love to say I was that smart. The idea came from 2 older rancher gentlemen that became customers of ours when we started in the Angus business. They would come to us looking for half brothers to breed there cattle to and obviously the conversation led to us doing the same thing. The cow herd has never looked back, with so little problems as far as feet, udders and calving issues I'd like to say it's maintenance free but we all know better. The weights on the calves have increased over the years as well, with the bulls being selected with performance, longevity and conversion in mind. But it's the consistency that has been the most noticeable with the calves weaning off like pees in a pod.

The information we receive back from BIX's really tells us that we are on the right track with the carcass premiums. We don't usually ultrasound the bulls we market every year. We use the information from the steers that are sired by the same 1/2 and 3/4 brothers that we sell in our sales after they are slaughtered. We feel that the actual carcass information out weighs EPD information.

Benchmark Report for Pahl Livestock

Quality Grade Information
Pahl Livestock BIX(S) Difference
High Quality Grade 127 100% 1747331 97.77% 2.23%
Prime 3 2.36% 14123 0.79% 1.57%
AAA 88 69.29% 890841 49.85% 19.44%
AA 36 28.35% 807095 45.16% (16.82%)
A 0 0.00% 35272 1.97% (1.97%)