The Program with a Purpose

The cattle industry seems to be getting more and more complex every day. There is a lot of information out there telling you what to do, how to feed and what to breed. The Pahl family still tries to maintain the "KISS" theory of cattle production. "Keep It Simple Stupid". After all the information that is available which is all as important as the next, we feel that profiting in the cattle industry still comes down to 3 things.

Performance – You can have all the carcass quality built into your calf that you want, but a 600lb pound calf still brings more money than a 500lb calf.

Longevity – This comes from both structure and fertility. The more 600lbs calves that a cow can raise the more profitable she is, and the more years your bull can breed your cows before breaking down the more profitable he is.

Conversion – This is the tough one. Conversion goes from feeding the cow to weaning and right through to fat. The premiums are nice but the lower the cost that goes into an animal to get the required result the more profitable.

Pahl Livestock bulls we feel excel at these requirements as well as the demands for carcass quality. So stop for a visit any time, and see what Pahl bulls can do for you.

Commercial Breeding

The commercial herd at Pahl Livestock is really driven to be more consistent than anything. Although all other traits are important we find that having the fewest sorts possible in our calves when taking them to market seems to net the most profit. In 2014 we basically had our group of 170 steers sell in 3 groups, the heavies at 620lbs the big group at 580lbs and the steers from the first calf heifers selling at 500lbs. This comes from 20 years of breeding the cow herd to half brothers.

Ranch History

Pahl Livestock was established in 1965 by Gilf and LeRay Pahl. The ranch is now run by three families that work full time at home. We all work towards the same goal but we feel it is sustainable because each member is responsible for different things. The Pahl's have 200 purebred Angus cows, 100 purebred Horned Hereford cows, 350 commercial cows, Irrigated and dryland hay, a Bull/Production sale as well as all the financial and book work all done by a member of the family.